Thursday, October 2, 2008

Even the Sideline Reporters Get People Mad

Here is an article where Willis McGahee rips ESPN MNF sideline reporter Suzy Kolber for suggesting he got hurt in the Steelers game because he did not attend OTAs (organized team activities).

I guess the boys in the booth are not the only ones who make annoying, and often unfounded, remarks.

McGahee's "got milk?" remark cracks me up.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Game was Okay. Broadcast - Not so Much.

The Ravens/Steelers game was pretty good. Maybe it was more exciting for me because my fantasy football team fielded Suggs and my opponent had Polamalu in a close week. Irregardless of my motives for enjoying the game true football fans likely appreciated the good defensive struggle. There was hard hitting (running backs were falling like flies) and the game went to overtime.

But, not surprisingly, I cannot think of anything good to say about the broadcast. Tony was his usual annoying self. Making the stupidest, most pointess, comments and observations throughout. I used to keep track of these 'gems' but now I just go to Awful Announcing and shake my head at them there.

Again Tony wasn't the only problem. Replays were just as hard to come by as ever. For instance we didn't get a good replay of Mason's end-zone incompletion until a quarter later. At the time I questioned whether it looked like it could have been a touchdown but I guess the booth didn't think to question the call until Mason made a similar catch on the sidelines later in the game. And then there was Jaw's "going to the darkside" to breakdown defensive plays. When did that happen? ESPN may want Jaws to be the next Madden. I'd be happy if he just didn't suck.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Awful Announcing

Here is a website that has a format I'd once envisioned doing for MNF. (If I weren't so busy raising five children) Note: My one month old son was screaming in my arms through much of the game last night and he still was not as annoying as Tony.

Awful Announcing

My hat goes off to these guys on a great job.

Go to their website during the game and see all the terrible comments the MNF crew makes during their broadcast or catch up the next day if you missed the game or, like many, mute or listen to the radio during the game.

More of the Same...

Another terrible MNF broadcast where the sport takes a back seat to controversy and we are forced to listen to Tony say "If that were me I'd...." again and again. Like we give a crap what a non-athlete like Tony thinks or that a professional athlete like Brett Favre would be remotely thinking the same thing Kornheiser is. Give us a break.

Of course it is not just Tony that's the problem. I still hate how often we miss replays of important plays. If there is a false start I want to see it. If there is failed play in the end zone I want to see it. Heck, there was one play last night where they finally showed the replay and Jaws actually sounded surprised to see it.

Naturally, with the score lopsided in the second half, Tony started beaking off about the game being over. This, again, shocks me to no end. Does ESPN think it is alright for Tony to write off the game early in the third? Can anyone say "Goodbye viewers"? The Jets still made a game of it from that point when they scored - missed on the two pointer - and got possession of an onside kick. Tony needs to learn this is football he is watching and just about anything can happen and often does.

Lastly, am I the only one who thinks this crew is the least 'television friendly' looking group in all of sports? When the cameras go to the booth I feel like we've left the football world and are watching an episode of the "all new" Munsters. ESPN must know the difference between television and radio. Right?

Sigh..... Week 3 MNF = Fail

Monday, September 22, 2008

Tony Aplogizes - Not for His Terrible Broadcasting Skills.

Here is an article I found that discusses Tony's secretive apology on last weeks MNF.

I personally think the Spanish speaking population should be up in arms about this blatantly disrespectful comment and do their best to try and get Tony fired.

Sigh..... truthfully, I do not think Tony's comment had any malice behind it. I would just gleefully accept any reason for his leaving the show short of wishing bodily harm, dismemberment or death on him.

BTW nice to see the website where I found the article, Shutdown Corner, seems to agree Tony is what ails MNF. When will ESPN get the memo?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ratings Winner - MNF Fan Losers

The Monday night game was, indeed, the highest rated cable-tv audience in history. 18 million viewers got to see how bad Tony and the boys are. Now all we need is a million or so to speak up.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Great Game - Terrible Coverage

Now anyone who loves football would agree the Eagles/Cowboys game was great. Even Eagles fans could not have been too disappointed (although with their fans you never know).

I am also sure that it will be a highly rated broadcast and that ESPN execs will be back slapping and high-fiving one another and claiming a huge victory. In fact here is an article that states the game might become the highest-rated cable program of all time.

Bad news. Bad, bad, BAD, news for us MNF fans.

Because in reality ESPN could have had trained chimps in the broadcast booth, throwing poo at one another, à la Madagascar, and the game would have still been the highest-rated cable broadcast of all time.

What we have here is a serious case of negative reinforcement. Like when your dog takes a crap on your rug, gives you those puppy eyes that say "I didn't mean to do it", and you go all smoochy on them and tell them it's all right instead getting out the newspaper and smacking them on the nose like you should. In similar response to the big dump the broadcast team took in the booth ESPN will think because they have a ratings winner they don't need to do anything to fix how terrible Tony and crew are. Sad. So sad.

And to be honest the game was so good last night I could almost forget how bad the broadcast team was. Almost, except that Tony says so many annoying and unnecessary things. He is such a drama queen. Ohhh... Donovan McNabb is gonna be mad that T.O. scored a touchdown and he is gonna try so much harder to score now to show up his old adversary.

Tony - Donovan is a pro athlete. He gets paid millions of dollars to go out there and play and win. He is playing before 70,000 people and being watched by millions. I think he has enough incentive. He's not a whiny little non-athlete like yourself. Please stop putting these top athletes in your shoes. Please!

And it's not just Tony. How many times do we have to see the players mulling about on the field as they get ready for the next play? How about a replay of the previous play instead?

Near the end of the game when T.O. and Asante Samuel got into it in the end zone and the penalty on Samuel was canceled because the ball was said to have been tipped at the line of scrimmage, how about a replay? Oh, we got our replay you might say. Yes we did, once the ref came back and said the ball wasn't tipped at the line. Then ESPN thought they should re-show the play. Even from my TV at home I could see the ball didn't look like it had been tipped. What was the broadcast team looking at? Tony's pink tie? I mean this was a huge deal in the course of the game and the broadcast spends all their time showing Asante and T.O. jawing at each other.

Oh and Tony.. when a multi-millionaire wears a pink tie it's making a statement (see Robert Craft and Donald Trump) but when you wear one you just look gay.

Yes I know, this is one of my most critical posts but I am just so sick of how bad MNF is and that it gets away with it week after week.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Minimalistic Approach

Here is an article from the Wall Street Journal that interviews David Hill, chief executive of Fox Sports. In it Mr. Hill talks about Fox's approach to broadcasting the NFL. One of David's statements really stood out to me. One that I wish ESPN executives would take note of.

Mr. Hill: We're really developing a minimalistic approach. We want to get rid of every production element that has been around since the 1970s. We want to be in the moment, don't clutter the screen, but keep the viewer informed for every second of the game. You don't want to wait all week for a game, and then at kickoff have us put up full-screen graphics of the offensive and defensive lines.

I guess that is the reason I enjoy watching Fox games on Sundays.

Anyway have a read and see if you appreciate Fox's modus operandi as much as I do.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Any Mention of 'Hope' in the Article Below was Greatly Exaggerated.

I didn't start watching the Packer's/Vikings' game until partway through the second quarter. I could tell right away that Kornheiser had said the catch phrase "Brett Favre" enough times for people to think the Jets were playing. It had already become a joke in the booth by the time I tuned in. (And one that I did not find at all funny). Of course there is going to be some mention of Brett in regards to Rodgers but come on people! And then they had the nerve to laugh about the fact there are two more Packer's games on the Monday night schedule. *shudder*

But that is not even what bugged me the most about Tony last night because in the second half he somehow refrained himself from saying Brett's name more than half a dozen times. What drove me insane was his childish way of analyzing the game and continually bringing up past choices by the coaches later in the game as though he knows better. Tony, it is so apparent you are not an athlete and were NEVER an athlete that every time you question what a player or coach does I cringe. You make a big deal out of every choice the coaches make. It's like watching a freaking soap opera.

Another thing that drives me crazy is the way he writes off the game before it is over. Last night was not the first time he has done this. Jaws had to remind Tony there were still four minutes left to play and that anything can happen. If people had been listening to Tony they would have been changing the channel long before the Vikings scored and got within a score of winning. How this is acceptable to ESPN I have no idea. Tony should just say "Viewers you might has well go watch something else because this game is as good as done". This is just more proof he knows nothing about football.

Anyway, that's my analysis of the broadcast last night. I saw none of the changes talked about in the article below and Tony added absolutely NOTHING to the broadcast.

MNF Week 1 = Fail

Friday, August 29, 2008

Maybe there is Hope?

I just read this article by Bob Wolfley at the Milwaukee JSOnline :

'Jaws' getting a bigger role

I have to admit it addressed a lot of the issues I have had with the previous two seasons of MNF.

For starters, in the article, they (ESPN's Senior vice president and executive producer Jed Drake and senior coordinating producer Jay Rothman) talked about having more of a spotlight on Jaws (Ron Jaworski) and even went so far as to say they were going to try and make him the new Madden (Of course Madden is still on Sunday Night Football so why we need a new one I am not sure). Does this equate to less Tirico and Kornheiser? Time will tell but I personally doubt Tony is over his stardom and will be willing to take a lesser role.

ESPN also said the program would be geared towards *gasp* avid football fans.

Anyway, the article is worth a read and we can always keep our fingers crossed on this year's broadcast being better. I just feel that any equation that included Tony Kornheiser equals poor programming.

Time will tell.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Insult to Injury

I wish I had something witty and/or funny to say here but MNF on ESPN depresses me so much the news below is like a sucker-punch to the Solar Pelx.

'MNF' offer on table in ESPN-NFL Net talks

To think I used to complain about Madden on MNF. Wow was I deluded.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

One Good MNF Next Season?

Just came across this article:

Mikes on Mike

Looks like we at least have a chance at one good broadcast next season. The other 16 are write-offs. (At least while Tony is around)

Friday, April 4, 2008

Not Tony's Show

Here's an article I came across in my daily NFL readings.

No end in sight for NFL, cable TV stalemate

About halfway down the article is a section about ESPN and Tony signing on for a third season of Monday Night Football. Play-by-player Mike Tirico speaks up in the blurb and makes the statement that MNF is not Tony's show. ''It's not Tony Night Football,'' he is quoted as saying.

Well Mike, we know it's not Tony's show. He just manages to wreck it with his very presence.

Get ready for another sad year of MNF.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hell Hath no Fury like a Woman Scorned

ESPN's move away from using sideline reporters (lady sideline reporters) has been met with the expected outrage. Andrea Kremer lets them have it here:

NBC's Kremer: ESPN mistreating 'MNF' reporters

Is ESPN as stupid as they appear? Well, when Tony is your MNF poster boy the answer is pretty obvious.

All we need now from ESPN is a couple of racial or sexual orientation slurs and Congress should soon be involved. I am sure Specter just won't stand for it!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Addition by Subtraction

Things are quiet around here with the season officially over. But I did manage to come across this article about MNF:

'MNF' reduces roles for field reporters Kolber, Tafoya

I just wish there was MORE subtraction. Yes, I'm looking at you Tony....

Friday, January 11, 2008

Nielsen Ratings for ESPN Down.

Hey Every! Happy New Years.

I missed the last two Monday night games of the season and decided not to post on them.

Found this article about ESPN's viewership being down. I hope they take the hint and make changes in their press box.

Nielsen: CBS Was Most-Watched for NFL Games in '07

Monday, December 17, 2007

Analysis of week 14 Bears/Vikings' broadcast

I had a Christmas party to attend tonight so I didn't get to watch one minute of the game. If anyone wants to post an analysis of the broadcast you can drop me an email at

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

If You Wish Upon a Star...

Here's an article that, although I doubt it's validity, gives me hope.

Has Kornheiser Already Had Enough of This MNF Business?

I think Tony likes the spotlight a little too much as he seems to think HE is MNF. (based on his post PTI comments the last two weeks)

But one can dream...

Analysis of week 13 Falcons/Saints' broadcast

Ever heard the saying "ignorance is bliss"? Well, there are times I wish I had never started this site so I could just ignore the broadcast. Last night is a prime example of why I would want to hit the mute button like so many of you say you do.

For starters I knew Bush and Vick were going to get the royal treatment, last night, but I had no idea they would get THAT much coverage. Tell me, have you ever seen a player get more closeups on the sidelines in street clothes than Bush?

As always, for me, the broadcast's biggest shortcoming is their unwavering commitment to fill every possible second with inane chatter. Do we need to hear about Dunn meeting his mother's murder and the constraint he showed by not jumping over the table and attacking him? Do we need the story to run between play after play? Doesn't ESPN realize that with their new approach of not talking over plays they are making it worse by ignoring the plays as though they never happened?!

I have never seen a broadcast team more devoted to depressing the hell out of people! It makes me want to change the channel Elvis style. (bang!)

Terrible Quote of the Night

Jaws: "Location, location, location. I sound like a real estate agent don't I?"
Tony: "Actually, yes!"
Followed by Jaws and Tony's insufferable laughter - likely the only people in America laughing at their stupidity.

As the broadcast has progressed Jaws has become that distant relative or acquaintance we all have who tells terrible jokes and then follows it up with their own laughter (as though that makes what they said funny).

Shake Your Head Moment

He did it AGAIN! After another useless PTI Michael Wilbon, Tony's PTI partner, introduced the second half and Tony arrogantly replied "and more of me" for the second time in two weeks.

I have tried to keep my criticisms on this site pretty clean but if Tony says that one more time I just can't promise that will continue.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Week 13 Falcons\Saints Preview

It's hard to be too excited about tonight's game. In fact, I am sure it will be hard to sit through it's entirety.

At the same time there is a lot of bulletin board material for Tony and the boys to over-emphasize and blow way out of proportion. (Vick and Bush come to mind)

I am a little curious about how they'll make this game palatable. My guess is since they can't even make good games worth watching that this broadcast will make viewers feel like they have a sickness somewhere between having the flu and being in a coma. (Given the choice I'd take the coma!).

Fresh off their rating's victory last week it will be an eye opening night for ESPN execs when they realize no one is watching the game but me. (and I will be doing it in similar fashion to Alex de Large in A Clockwork Orange)

See ya all tomorrow!

Friday, December 7, 2007

See How a Game Should Be Called!

A few weeks ago I commented on the Sunday Night Football game between the Patriots and the Eagles. I mentioned how it was nice to watch a game that was actually about the game!

Well, thank goodness, THE GAME of this weekend, the Patriots/Steelers, is a late game on CBS this Sunday and is being called by my personal favorite NFL broadcast team: Jim Nantz and Phil Simms. If you watch the game, and what football fan wouldn't, please take note how refreshing the broadcast will be. This is how football is supposed to be called.

You may have all heard that last week's Monday Night Game had the largest cable audience in history (see that article here) but it really saddens me that ESPN will claim this victory even though their broadcast sucks and trained monkeys could have run (and called) the broadcast and it still would have received the same ratings.

It wasn't you ESPN!!! It was the Patriots!!!!

And Tony.... oh Tony... It sure wasn't you even though every PTI you always say to your PTI co-host how we get to sit back and watch more of you.


(not on purpose anyway)

Anyways, enjoy the game!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Analysis of week 13 Patriots/Ravens' broadcast

This was a hard broadcast for me to critique. I found myself too interested in the game to pay much attention to what was going on in the booth. I did notice the lack of replays though. I've never seen a broadcast more interested in showing players between plays as they run to and from the sidelines. Most other broadcasts I watch feel that's a good time to show replays. Go figure.

Tony's opening sequence was almost enough for me to hit mute though. Villain indeed. Even my 15 year old son mentioned he expected to see them don Bill Belichick in Darth Vader's suit. By the way, Tony mentioned every dynasty needed a villain. For the Ming Dynasty who was the villiain? And his comment that we can't hate Tom Brady because he's too cute? OMG!

The thing I hate most about Tony is the way he always talks for athletes and makes them have dreams and desires I am sure they DO NOT have. His spiel last night was how Boeller had re-signed for a one year contract with the Ravens and now he had a chance to do something great by beating the Pats. Something great? Winning a regular season football game does not make one great. Even if it is an undefeated team. In fact winning a Superbowl does not make you great. Since Tony took the time to look up the Ming Dynasty maybe he should have researched people who had done great things in their lives. People like Ghandi and Mother Theresa come to mind. Or course if a skinny balding man beat the Patriots that would be great so of course it would be great for another pro athlete who has always been a top athlete at every level he's played at.

Broadcast Highlight: Anyone notice that Brian Billick is actually Bill Belichick and that he has been a coach of the Patriots for the last 8 years? That was news to me.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Week 12 Patriots\Ravens Preview

It should be a huge audience tonight for this game. No one wants to miss the game the Patriots lose. Just like no one want to miss a part of seeing them run the table. They are up against a team who has tasted greatness this decade, with a 2000 Superbowl, and rests is laurels on a strong defense quarterbacked by one of the strongest personalities to ever play the game in Ray Lewis. There should be enough football headlines to fill 60 minutes of football right?

I can't even imagine how bad this broadcast is going to be tonight!

For starters Jaws has gotten so annoying as this season has progressed. He reminds me of the character, played by Steve Martin, in Planes Trains and Automobiles when he freaks out on John Candy's character and pretends John is a pull doll. Pull - Blah.... Pull - Blah.... - Pull - Blah... I am not sure why this image came to my mind but it just seems to me that Jaws is like a high school nerd who has hit the big time but still can't shake his nerdiness.

And Tony.... don't even get me started on Tony. After a weekend of watching football and having the broadcasters actually treat the games as - GASP - football games I so dread having to hear the utter nonsense that pours nonstop out of Tony's mouth. I almost regret starting this blog because it means I have to pay attention to what those clowns are saying so I can bash them on Tuesday.

My only hope is that with the Pats playing some ESPN executive will actually decide to watch the broadcast and it will suddenly hit him "This Sucks!!" and he will actually do something about it.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Analysis of Week 12 Dolphins/Steelers' broadcast.

A few comments about the broadcast last night. It was terrible as usual, which is a shame (as usual), because the game was actually quite entertaining with a close game right to the end on the worst field ever. Did you see the punt that went plunk? That alone made the game a classic.

I do have to comment on one of the worst commentator comments ever. Made by none other that Tony Kornheiser. After asking Jaws how long it had been since a game had gone 0-0 Tony's reply went something like this:

"Twenty years since a game went 0-0 this long? This game feels like it's been 20 years."

ESPN.... does anybody in management actually listen to the broadcast? Can you not tell this guy is like a cancer? Tony might as well just come out and tell viewers to change the channel. Please... Please get rid of him!

I would also like to comment that Jaws has gotten really annoying as this season has progressed. I don't know if he is in a competition with Tony to see who can be the most entertaining (and by entertaining I mean abrasive) but he was acting like a class clown in the booth last night. Note to Jaws: Grow up and do your job. Go with the football knowledge thing because the "you being funny thing" is NOT WORKING!!!!!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Week 12 Dolphins\Steelers Preview

This game has a 'car crash' quality to it in that we want to look away but we can't. It's not because someone is going to be bent in all the wrong directions but because the Phins are on route to a season of perfect imperfection. Something that has never been done before. The irony here is that they are the same team who has the league's only perfect season. Are we watching history unfold where both the perfect and imperfect season records could be set?

The Steelers are coming off a loss from last week in which their opponent, the Jets, already proved, the following Thursday, that they are not on an upswing after being swatted by the Cowboys. Does this become a statement game for the Steelers, who have the surprising Browns sniffing at the door?

We'll find out tonight.

Too bad Tony and the boys will wreck it for us.

Sunday Night Football

I imagine a good number of NFL fans watched Sunday Night Football, this week, where the New England Patriots battled, and won, against a well coached Philadelphia Eagles team. It was a really enjoyable game to watch.

Did anyone else notice how well Madden and Michaels covered the game?
  • Every major play had one (or more) replay(s)
  • Almost no plays were talked over
  • The game was allowed to stand on it's own merit.
I never once had to say shut up to the announcers, which I do regularly during MNF. I didn't roll my eyes because an announcer (hint: Tony) made the game out to be the biggest thing in history since the birth of Christ. And I never felt uncomfortable because an announcer (hint: Tony) made everyone else in the booth feel awkward by having to respond to a stupid comment he'd made.

It's nice when the game gets to be just a game!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Make Your Voice Heard

Here at I Hate Monday Night Football we want to hear from people.

This means the 1 to 4 people each week who select Great! on the broadcast polls. You thought it was great? Let us know why. (cause honestly I have no idea how you think that!!)

For people that hate ESPN's Monday Night Football (about 70% of the people who poll) please take the time to vent. Trust me, you'll feel much better!

Ripples on the Pond

The question is everywhere. Here is another article asking:

Is 'Monday Night Football' losing it?

Yes... yes it is.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Analysis of Week 11 Broncos/Titans' broadcast.

This, once again, was a sub par broadcast overshadowing, and indeed stream rolling over, a good game.

Tony's spew at the start was so annoying as he talked about how well known the Broncos are, thanks to Elway and his rings, and "almost no one" knows about the Titans and the fact they were 1 yard away from tying the game and going to OT with the Rams in Superbowl XXXIV.

The who?

It was one of the most exciting finishes in Superbowl history and yet "almost no one" knows about the Titans. Just so you know, football fans, we are "almost no one". I bet Tony had to go to Wikipedia to find out about that game.

Game Over Watch
I have never seen an announcer so quick to tell an audience the game is pretty much over and they might as well go watch another station. I am sure Tony would rather be watching Dancing with the Stars (certainly he had it Tivo'd) but shouldn't the network be a little ticked that one of their announcers is asking whether the game is over when one team is down by 14 in the first quarter? Each week I am more amazed at what goes on.

Shock of the Broadcast
I was extremely surprised in the second quarter when Tony actually stopped talking for a play. Of course his useless rant went around two plays but he did pause as each play was run. He has never let a little thing like a football game going on get in the way of his insights before. I wonder if he had a talking to?

"There is a game going on" Oprah Moment!
Thank you Michelle, the sideline girl, for talking over 4 plays about Vince's vulnerability in speaking candidly about his father being released from prison and their troubled relationship. Thanks for opening the door for Tony to continue talking about how professional athletes are people too (What an insight!!). Don't forget during all of this touching dialog Vince was driving down the field to possibly get within a score in a game that was, according to Tony, basically over. It was a really touching moment -- sarcasm off --

Then there is the wonderful conversation about how great buddies Shannahan and Fisher are and how Shannahan trusted Fisher, his old coaching mate with the 49ers, to give him the truth on Cutler. This is gripping drama people. How can we concentrate on the game when there is this to listen to? -- sarcasm off --

Best Two Minutes of the Broadcast
Did anyone notice how, just before the half, the broadcast was almost stomachable? It was 2 minutes of pure joy. We got replay after replay as the Titans' marched down the field trying for an all important score. The crew even commented on a play that looked like a catch and should have gone to the booth for a review but didn't. Talk about controversy. Bet we got 5 replays of that play (and I agree it was a catch). The Titans ended up cutting the Broncos lead in half with a field goal. Why were those last 2 minutes so nice? Tony was on his way to PTI.

Anyone else have some "key moments" from the broadcast? We'd love to hear them in the comments.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Week 10 Broncos\Titans Preview

So we have a bit of a slow game tonight on MNF. Denver has been underachieving all year and Tennessee has been winning some of the most boring games all year. (Boring for the rest of us not for Titan's fans) So how will the MNF crew make it an exciting broadcast? Check out this article posted today:

League looking into Packers 'bounty' offers

Be prepared for the game to be talked over in great detail as Tony and the boys discuss this very important issue that could very well put a asterisk beside all of Brett Favre's records. -- sarcasm off --

Edit: The game was a lot better than I previously though and would like to apologize for my oversight.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Prison Break

Here's an article about a prison in the States which is going to get Direct TV so the inmates can watch Monday Night Football on cable as they haven't been able to watch it since it moved from ABC to ESPN:

Clayton prison requests satellite TV for inmates

I think the warden should reconsider doing this. Letting inmates watch Monday Night Football in it's present state might end up bringing about a prison break.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Joe Theismann has a point even if it sounds like sour grapes.

Just an update on some comments by ex-MNF commentator Joe Theismann about this year's broadcast. Joe is quoted as saying:

"Personally? No, I don't like [the new MNF]. And it has nothing to do with the fact that I'm not there. I watch football games to learn and watch football. I see Ron Jaworski trying to do football. I see Mike Tirico trying to get back to football.

I have no problem with Tony Kornheiser. He's just out of his element. He's a fish out of water. That environment, and that setup, is not conducive to watching football. And I look at it this way: ESPN, or Disney, paid 1.1 billion dollars annually to be able to broadcast football. And now you want an issue show. I think, to me, that's not the most sound business approach to take. I miss Monday Night Football."

Some of the articles, listed below, take shots at Joe for his comments but I think the truth is the truth no matter what the source. Why shouldn't Joe say he doesn't like MNF when it really does suck?

Awful Announcing

The Lefty Call


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Analysis of Week 10 49ers/Seahawks' broadcast.

So I'll be honest. I didn't watch more than 20 minutes of the game last night. The NFC West is one of the weakest divisions in the league and the 49ers are simply terrible. So terrible in fact I feel sorry for them. Anyway, I did not watch enough of the game to give a full critique of the broadcast but I can give one example that proves they haven't changed. Here is the Play-by-Play from

3-1-SF 2 (4:15) 8-M.Hasselbeck pass incomplete short right to 18-D.Hackett.

What I saw was Hasselbeck throw a floater to Hackett in the end zone from the 2 yard line. The play was closely defended and Hackett couldn't pull it in. It looked like there could have been some pass interference on the play. After the play here is what we were treated to:
  • The camera followed Hasselbeck as he ran to the bench.
  • A closeup of Holmgren's scowling face (or is that the way he always looks?).
  • A good closeup of kicker Josh Brown as he readied himself for a 20 yard field goal.
  • An extended closeup of Josh as he readied himself for a 20 yard field goal.
  • Josh kicking a 20 yard field goal.
Here is what we did not see after a closely contended pass play in the end zone that might or might not have been pass interference:
  • Any kind of replay of the play
And the worst of it is there was no mention of the play by the broadcast crew beyond the play-by-play. There was no talk about whether it could have been pass interference through any of the above, riveting, footage.

Anyway, as stated, I didn't watch much of the game from there. If anyone wants to add a a fairly obscenity free critique of the game in the comments section I would be willing to post it. Trust me being obscenity free when watching or commenting on MNF is not easy.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Analysis of Week 9 Steelers/Ravens' broadcast.

The game is not even over yet but I though I'd get a quick post out on the broadcast. I know the game was not that good. The Steelers got out to a quick lead and the Ravens never did anything to get back in the game. But even though the game wasn't great (unless, or course, you are a Steelers fan) the broadcast was especially terrible. I have a list of Tony's useless comments that I am not going to post right now but they are brutal. I am just too saddened by the broadcast to say anything about it. But some other low-lights are were all the sideline interviews going on with Steeler greats DURING THE GAME! Ever heard of half-time? Anyway needless to say:

Week 9 Grade: F

Week 9 Ravens vs. Steelers

We have the makings of a pretty good game tonight. After the game this weekend it will be hard to match in hype but we have some good story lines and two teams that have a legitimate shot at post season play.

On one side we have Pittsburgh. A team many people considered a giant killer leading up to week 7 (as in look out Patriots and Colts) but who took a deep dive in many people's power rankings, including my own, after loosing to Denver in Mile High. I personally think this was a case of the Black and Yellow being out coached more so than them being outplayed. As for their first year coach we know Mike Tomlin has it (The it from the Old Spice advertisement) but he is still a rookie coach and that means a wily old coach like Shanahan can still pull a fast one on him. Will we see that tonight?

On the other side of the field we have Baltimore, a divisional opponent in the suddenly competitive AFC North - courtesy of the surprising Browns. If Baltimore has any hopes of making it to the post season they need to make a statement tonight. The problem in Baltimore is that they are having problems scoring on offense. The defense is aging, yes, but the Ravens still hang their hat on their D. Ray Lewis is one of the most recognizable defensive players in the league and Brian Billick may be on the hot seat after years of offensive meritocracy under the offensive minded (and mouthed) coach.

How will the Monday Night Football crew screw it up? Tune in at 8:30 tonight to find out.

Colts/Pats Aftermath

I hope everyone was able to check out the game yesterday. It lived up to all the hype, yet at the same time we didn't need to be reminded, ever few seconds, about the hype by the broadcast team. The game was able to speak for itself! We saw replay after replay and great play breakdowns by Simms. I don't remember even once wishing Simms or Nantz would shut up like I do every 2 minutes with the MNF 3 stooges.

People say that ESPN's broadcast is the way it is to be entertaining but after a great broadcast like CBS' this weekend, for a huge game like the Colts and Pats, I hope people understand how a game is supposed to be called.

Here's an article about the broadcast:

CBS announcers let Patriots-Colts game speak for itself

It pretty much says what I say above but I am not a professional/syndicated writer and well.. Michael Hiestand is.

Friday, November 2, 2007


Huge game this weekend between the undisputed top two teams in the NFL. After this weekend we will have a better idea who top dog is and who has to go 'back to the drawing room'.

Is anyone else as happy as I am that this isn't a MNF game? I am pretty sure... There is no doubt in my mind the ESPN broadcast would have ruined it.

One of the better broadcast teams (best in my mind), Simms and Nantz, are covering the game and I hope many of you will watch this game and come away with an appreciation for how a game should be covered. It will be nice to watch a game that is about *GASP* the game! What a wild concept.

Everyone enjoy the contest. I know I will. Games with this kind of hype are few and far between.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Analysis of Week 8 Broncos/Packer's broadcast.

The Intro
Is it just me or did last night's broadcast have a very real "Oprah" feel to it. For a few minutes there I thought Brett had died or something and this was a tribute to him. I like Brett, as a player and as a person, and I think his wife is super but come on folks. When the broadcast team told me they had tears in their eyes and goosebumps watching Deanna's intro I almost threw up. Give me Special Agent Jamie Foxx any day. I mean I knew they were going to make a big deal about the apparent twilight of Favre's career but I had no idea they were going to make a tribute fitting a dead person.

Week 8 Grade: D

The Broadcast
This was a pretty good game and I have to admit I thought it was one of the better broadcasts of the year. Of course I was busy uploading pictures to Facebook and wasn't giving the game my full attention but I have to admit I didn't hate this broadcast. I thought that besides the time when Deanna was in the booth the game was getting covered pretty well. There were lots of replays (even some of penalties), good play break-down by Jaws and suitable excitement about the game from everyone in the booth - even Tony! The Deanna thing went on a little long but she was really nice so it wasn't that bad.

The funniest thing that happened during the broadcast was when Vince Vaughn visited the booth and asked the broadcast team if Jay Cutler was the QB who did all the bench presses during this last Combine. Never mind Jay is in his second year as a pro, and I don't hold anything against Vince because... well because he is not a professional sports broadcaster, but everyone's ignorance to the fact it was Brady Quinn that Vaughn was referring too was very funny. Any real NFL fan would have known that let alone *cough* pros like Mike, Ron and *cough* T.. *cough* To... *cough**cough**cough* Mike and Ron. (Deanna could have probably corrected Vince)

Week 8 Grade: D+

Tony Kornheiser

I can't say I thought Tony was any better tonight. He did talk about the game a bit more and, as I said earlier, he seemed generally excited about the game but his man crushes on any player on the field who is doing good is getting old real fast. Some of the comments this guy comes up with are so stupid and unfunny it keeps me in awe.

A few beauties from last night:
  • The Denver Barrel Man (who was supposed to retire 10 years ago) is the Brett Favre of barrel men. (I bet the Barrel Man, having heard this, is the happiest barrel man ever)
  • I'm developing a man crush on the guy. (Tony - you don't need to actually tell us this. Your attractions are very very obvious)
  • After a Denver player dropped a ball. Tony's remark: Obviously he was supposed to catch that ball. (Is there an antonym for receiver?)
  • Nobody throws to Champ Baily and when they do they don't beat him. Well Brett just beat him. Just so you know Tony although his name is Champ he is still human and can be beat.
I just can't understand why this guy person is in the booth.

Week 8 Grade: F

Monday, October 29, 2007

Week 8 - Packers/Broncos

Another Monday Night game is upon us. We have the surprising Green Bay Packers vs. the disappointing, but generally well coached, Denver Broncos. By my estimate the game isn't as exciting as last week's match up but the Packers are a good story this year and Farve is playing like a kid in the candy store again.

I have to wonder which issues Tony is going to hound (to death) tonight but if I had to guess I'd say we'll hear about Farve's incredible resurgence and how everyone thought Farve was going to be done after last season but has somehow put some gas in the tank and is playing exciting (and excited) football. We'll hear the question "Is Farve the greatest ever?" and Jaws will answer with another coin flip. We'll hear about how Denver, at 3-3, is not playing great football and has only won very close games and could easily be 2-4 or 1-5.

There is sure to be discussion about how GREAT New England is and how they are RUNNING UP the SCORES and that next week's meeting between the Patriots and Colts is going to be better than anything in history that has happened up to this point. (I hope I sensationalized this enough because I can assure you it will not hold a candle to what we will see tonight)

These are only my guesses and I am probably wrong as they are all football related and for all we know we will be bombarded with more non-football entertainment information than we care to see but will keep the target demographic (football wives) happy.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Unlike MNF - IHMNF Viewership Increases!

I was checking the page stats for the site today and was surprised at Friday's sudden increase. I was able to track it down to a link from another site. Thanks to The Big Lead for the blurb today.

The goal of this blog is to make some noise and the more people that see it the better. Make sure to vote on the Polls and send a comment our way.

Too True

Someone in the comments sent me this link. Check it out:

MNF Parody

It's pretty humorous!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Analysis of Week 7 Colts/Jags broadcast.

The Broadcasters

Mike Tiricio: I don't mind Mike at all. He is a decent color commentator who gives a fairly unbiased view of the game. Mike points out important details occurring in the game and has good chemistry with Jaws.

Week 7 Grade: B

Jaws: Ron Jaworski is the Xs and Os expert. He knows his stuff but I don't think his talents are called up enough. In last night's broadcast, by my count, he did two, yes two, X and O segments. Both on interceptions that were thrown by the Jags. My biggest issue with Jaws is how he deals with Tony, often getting caught up in useless dialog started, of course, by Tony. At the end of last nights show it was almost embarrassing how Tony kept pushing the issue of who is the better QB, Brady or Manning, and it ended with Jaws flipping a coin.

Week 7 Grade C-

You can learn a little more about Jaws in this

Tony Kornheiser: To put it bluntly Tony is what is wrong with MNF. Maybe I am not broad enough of a sports fan to know (or care) who Tony is. In fact until I saw his weaselly face on MNF I had no idea who this clown was. Maybe my problem is that I have never been enamored by his writing skills, on any given sport, or been caught up in any controversy he has tried to blow out of proportion like he does on a weekly basis on MNF. I understand sports writing is about creating controversy and that it sells newspapers but I think, for some strange reason, MNF should be about football. And Tony, well Tony is not about football. Tony is about contoversy! Tony's big issues last night were about the Jags dumping Leftwich before the start of the season, Brady vs. Manning, and what a stud Bob Sanders is. Besides those comments he had only two football related quips including talking about Del Rio's playing days under Tony Dungy and whether the Jags would go back to smash-mouth football to get back in the game. Other than those Tony might as well have not been in the broadcast booth. Here are an array of his stupid comments:
  1. The Jag's defensive roll call sounded like NASCAR.
  2. He comments that Del Rio throws his sock out instead of the red flag.
  3. Jaws is saying Bob Sander's is like Chuck Norris and he can do everything including drive Tony's bus after the game.
  4. Wonders if Brady is watching to see how Manning is doing. (Tony - These guys are not in some kind of epeen competition. Neither of them talks about their records without referring to their team. These guys are top athletes playing at very high levels who play a team sport. They are not like you- showing off in front of a national stage with an ego the size of Manhattan.)
  5. Puts Jaws on the spot with the earth shattering controversy of who is the better QB - Brady or Manning. No matter how hard Jaws tries to dodge the question Tony is on him and on him. Remember the game is still going on at this point
I could go on a lot longer about Tony but needless to say he says nothing worthwhile throughout the broadcast and in fact causes enough friction with Jaws to make for some uncomfortable moments. Besides all that he is a distraction from the game. There were times I felt like yelling "The game is still going on!". Note: Replace "felt like" in that last sentence with "was".

Week 7 Grade: F-

Commentators Total for Week 7: D-

Guest Commentator

Don't get me wrong, I like Russell Crowe. He's been in some cool movies and he comes across as a pretty tough guy. But about 7 minutes of game time was wasted talking about
The South Sydney Rabbitohs, that's right the Rabbitohs. If you really want to learn more about the Rabbitohs you can go here. I was watching the broadcast hoping to hear about some *GASP* football! Did they even once mention the game? I am not sure - I had visions of a rabbits running through my head. Watership Down anyone? All I know is that the entire time Russell was there the game took a back seat.

Guest Commentator Week 7: F (No Russell put down that phone.... Russell put down.. Nooooo!)

Monday, October 22, 2007

Colts/Jags - October 22 - 2007.

The game is over. 29-7 win for the Colts. Garrard went down early but I'm not sure he would have been the difference maker. Indianapolis looks for real and their D (a.k.a Bob Sanders) looks tough. I have November 4th. marked on my calendar.

As for the broadcast team... I would say they did about as good a job as they've done this year (meaning it was just OK) . I'll talk more about them tomorrow. But I really have to question what the heck Tony is doing in the booth. I had him down with one worthwhile comment the entire night.

Manning is the Man.

Peyton Manning, in my mind, is what football is all about. A student of the game, a great player, and someone with more class than the entire Bengals' organization.

Well guess what? It appears Peyton is not a big fan of MNF and, in fact, watched his brother play on Monday night in week 6 with the broadcast muted (shows just how smart he really is).

Anyway here is the article:

Here's a key matchup: QB vs. 'MNF'

It's a good read and you'll understand the phrase "Kornheiser's head on a stick" better even if it makes sense on its own.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

If It's Broken - Fix It!

Here's an article I came across that fits with the theme of this blog. Take a read:

How Can ESPN Fix MNF

Whether you agree with this writer's solution or not word of MNF's suckage is starting to spread.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Monday Night Stats

Starting this Monday night I am going to be taking stats of the broadcast. I will be keeping track of things like how many plays aren't replayed, how many comments are not football related, and how many insightful comments Tony makes.

If you have any ideas of other events I should be monitoring please let me know.

Tuesday I will also be putting up a Grade Poll for the previous night's broadcast so be sure to come back then and cast your vote.

Kimmel Speaketh

So Jimmy finally let everyone know he is upset about the reception his comments on MNF have had.

Kimmel Speaketh

Thanks for sharing Jimmy. I heard the broadcast team laughing too. Their verbal silence (besides the laughing) spoke volumes about their class.

I like how they say Jimmy won't be back because of this but honestly he fit right in with the broadcast crew.

Update Oct. 21.07
Here is some more Kimmel drivel:

Kimmel Discusses His Monday Night Football Ban

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Final Straw

Before the Falcons-Giants game I imagine I was like a lot of MNF viewers. I watched because I love the NFL and was hoping the ESPN team would be an upgrade to 'attention to silly details' John Madden. Well, I can say now it isn't an upgrade and in fact is a huge downgrade.

I can honestly say I dislike the MNF broadcast and here is an article that explains the straw that broke the camel's back.

Kimmel's Remarks - Tony's Laughter

Take a read.

It's a Start

Came across this article today on the IMDB site:

Kimmel Cut from 'Monday Night Football'

Knowing Jimmy Kimmel will not be back on MNF is a positive but I still think his comments during the game and the crew's poor handling of them are a sign of how bad it is on MNF?


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

How about a Replay?

Remember the excitement at the start of the regular season? Games counted. Teams game planned. It's what every NFL fan waits the long off-season for. The real deal.

After a plethora of games on Sunday in week one we were treated to not one but two Monday night games! I was so excited about the new season that I hardly cared if Oprah Winfrey * hosted the show. I was ready for some football.....

But as each week has gone by I have become more and more disillusioned about the excitement I usually reserved for the Monday night game. Monday night. The night of the big game were teams who had shown signs, or even flashes, of greatness the previous season squared off at center stage with prime time coverage.

What started this feeling of being let down? Well, to put it bluntly it was the lack of replays!!

I haven't been keeping track (yet) of the amount of plays that I thought deserved a second look (or more) on MNF and instead was treated to closeups of head coaches faces, players running to and from the huddle, or some random celebrity who happened to grace us with their presence at the game. I'm not going to mention anything (yet) about the running commentary during these intriguing looks into people not playing football! All I know is that we are not getting enough replays of plays. I am talking about amazing catches, grinding runs, one on one match ups, spectacular hits, and even penalties. (Was it really holding?) The list goes on and on.

The only time we get a good replay is if a coach thinks a play is worthy of review. When the red flag hits the turf we finally get to see the power of the MNF team. I am not sure what the number is but the MNF crew has more cameras filming then most Sunday games and when a challenge is made we get to see the play with startling detail from as many angles as a football fan could hope for. This is how good it could be on MNF. This makes what we are subjected to even worse.

* Check out the Oprah link. Yes they want her on MNF.

Enough is Enough

So I sat through another Monday Night Football. It wasn't a great game with the troubled Falcons hosting a suddenly good Giant's team. I hoped the Falcons would be better this year and that Joey Harrington would shine as all of Atlanta tried to put their troubles (Micheal Vick) behind them. It wasn't to be.

Boring game or no the issue here is this year's Monday Night Football crew. I have tried week after week, even with much better games, to ignore their antics in the booth but last night a chord within me was struck and now I need to release my anger and disappointment at ESPN and their terrible handling of MNF.

The straw that broke the camel's back, for me, was the shows special guest Jimmy Kimmel and his comments about last years analyst Joe Theisman. Not only were the things he said about Joe ignorant and hurtful but Tony's arrogant handling of these comments truly sickened me.

So today I started to search the web looking for other like minded people. I Googled "I Hate Monday Night Football" and could not find a site where I could vent my frustration. I did end up sending emails to ESPN and to Tony about my feelings but even having done that I thought I needed to take matters into my own hands. This Blog is the result.

Over the coming weeks I hope that as other people Google "I Hate Monday Night Football" they will be directed to this site and we can discuss the way we feel about the best night in sports and how ESPN is (mis)handling it.

If you are like minded please post and make your thoughts known. Even if you disagree with me I'd be happy to hear how on earth you could like MNF in it's present state.

Also feel free to click the links above and send your own emails to ESPN and to Tony.

In my email to Tony I mentioned I thought his ego was going to have a snowball effect before it got any smaller. I hope this Blog will have the same snowball effect in that we, true fans of football, can bring about change to a show that is not even touching it's potential and ESPN appears to have no interest in changing.