Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Great Game - Terrible Coverage

Now anyone who loves football would agree the Eagles/Cowboys game was great. Even Eagles fans could not have been too disappointed (although with their fans you never know).

I am also sure that it will be a highly rated broadcast and that ESPN execs will be back slapping and high-fiving one another and claiming a huge victory. In fact here is an article that states the game might become the highest-rated cable program of all time.

Bad news. Bad, bad, BAD, news for us MNF fans.

Because in reality ESPN could have had trained chimps in the broadcast booth, throwing poo at one another, à la Madagascar, and the game would have still been the highest-rated cable broadcast of all time.

What we have here is a serious case of negative reinforcement. Like when your dog takes a crap on your rug, gives you those puppy eyes that say "I didn't mean to do it", and you go all smoochy on them and tell them it's all right instead getting out the newspaper and smacking them on the nose like you should. In similar response to the big dump the broadcast team took in the booth ESPN will think because they have a ratings winner they don't need to do anything to fix how terrible Tony and crew are. Sad. So sad.

And to be honest the game was so good last night I could almost forget how bad the broadcast team was. Almost, except that Tony says so many annoying and unnecessary things. He is such a drama queen. Ohhh... Donovan McNabb is gonna be mad that T.O. scored a touchdown and he is gonna try so much harder to score now to show up his old adversary.

Tony - Donovan is a pro athlete. He gets paid millions of dollars to go out there and play and win. He is playing before 70,000 people and being watched by millions. I think he has enough incentive. He's not a whiny little non-athlete like yourself. Please stop putting these top athletes in your shoes. Please!

And it's not just Tony. How many times do we have to see the players mulling about on the field as they get ready for the next play? How about a replay of the previous play instead?

Near the end of the game when T.O. and Asante Samuel got into it in the end zone and the penalty on Samuel was canceled because the ball was said to have been tipped at the line of scrimmage, how about a replay? Oh, we got our replay you might say. Yes we did, once the ref came back and said the ball wasn't tipped at the line. Then ESPN thought they should re-show the play. Even from my TV at home I could see the ball didn't look like it had been tipped. What was the broadcast team looking at? Tony's pink tie? I mean this was a huge deal in the course of the game and the broadcast spends all their time showing Asante and T.O. jawing at each other.

Oh and Tony.. when a multi-millionaire wears a pink tie it's making a statement (see Robert Craft and Donald Trump) but when you wear one you just look gay.

Yes I know, this is one of my most critical posts but I am just so sick of how bad MNF is and that it gets away with it week after week.


Anonymous said...

I 100% agree. Get Tony out of the booth, I can barely stomach him. I watch MNF with the volume down so I don't have to hear his gay non-athelete rants with Turico. They should just move to San Fran, get married and get off the air.

Pedro said...

Tony Kornhole is a tool. He ranks high among the worse broadcasters of all time. I agree with your comments 100%. I am doing my part writing ESPN every week, it may seem an impossible task but we have to get that idiot of MNF.

KateDFW said...

Yes, it was a great game but these guys just suck! As a Cowboy fan I take acception to the fact they didn't even know what has going on, on the field. Roy Williams breaks his arm and they never mention it. Or the fact that Jason Witten had a bad shoulder and that is why he couldn't come up with a fingertip catch. These are basic points of the game and yet they can't talk about them? Why can't ESPN come up with decent talent for this broadcast?

Esse Quam Videri said...

Yes they do suck.

Why they cannot get decent talent in there I don't know.

The broadcast's biggest problem right now is they have an absolute non-athlete in the booth and he takes the focus away from the game and points it towards some controversy or another.

I don't have to mention who that someone is do I?