Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Any Mention of 'Hope' in the Article Below was Greatly Exaggerated.

I didn't start watching the Packer's/Vikings' game until partway through the second quarter. I could tell right away that Kornheiser had said the catch phrase "Brett Favre" enough times for people to think the Jets were playing. It had already become a joke in the booth by the time I tuned in. (And one that I did not find at all funny). Of course there is going to be some mention of Brett in regards to Rodgers but come on people! And then they had the nerve to laugh about the fact there are two more Packer's games on the Monday night schedule. *shudder*

But that is not even what bugged me the most about Tony last night because in the second half he somehow refrained himself from saying Brett's name more than half a dozen times. What drove me insane was his childish way of analyzing the game and continually bringing up past choices by the coaches later in the game as though he knows better. Tony, it is so apparent you are not an athlete and were NEVER an athlete that every time you question what a player or coach does I cringe. You make a big deal out of every choice the coaches make. It's like watching a freaking soap opera.

Another thing that drives me crazy is the way he writes off the game before it is over. Last night was not the first time he has done this. Jaws had to remind Tony there were still four minutes left to play and that anything can happen. If people had been listening to Tony they would have been changing the channel long before the Vikings scored and got within a score of winning. How this is acceptable to ESPN I have no idea. Tony should just say "Viewers you might has well go watch something else because this game is as good as done". This is just more proof he knows nothing about football.

Anyway, that's my analysis of the broadcast last night. I saw none of the changes talked about in the article below and Tony added absolutely NOTHING to the broadcast.

MNF Week 1 = Fail


Tommy said...

Kornheiser's "it's over" was said at the worst time, because the Vikings then nearly came back after that. You missed Kornheiser saying, "on 1st-and-33, Brett Favre throws a 35-yard pass," the most inane comparison of the night.

Pedro said...

Kornhole is horrible, but he is doing what he does best which is talk nonsense. It is ESPN's fault for trying to make all its show issue based. They will hire Larry King next.

The only real football show is NFL matchup with Jaws and Hoge, and it is buried at 7:30 am on a Sunday!