Friday, August 29, 2008

Maybe there is Hope?

I just read this article by Bob Wolfley at the Milwaukee JSOnline :

'Jaws' getting a bigger role

I have to admit it addressed a lot of the issues I have had with the previous two seasons of MNF.

For starters, in the article, they (ESPN's Senior vice president and executive producer Jed Drake and senior coordinating producer Jay Rothman) talked about having more of a spotlight on Jaws (Ron Jaworski) and even went so far as to say they were going to try and make him the new Madden (Of course Madden is still on Sunday Night Football so why we need a new one I am not sure). Does this equate to less Tirico and Kornheiser? Time will tell but I personally doubt Tony is over his stardom and will be willing to take a lesser role.

ESPN also said the program would be geared towards *gasp* avid football fans.

Anyway, the article is worth a read and we can always keep our fingers crossed on this year's broadcast being better. I just feel that any equation that included Tony Kornheiser equals poor programming.

Time will tell.


Michael said...

I think as long as Kornheiser is anywhere near a microphone he will ruin the broadcast. This is a guy who NEEDS to hear his own voice, period! Even if Jaworski is the premier anchor in the booth you can bet your ass that Kornheiser won't play second fiddle.

KateDFW said...

The only way I can watch MNF is by muting the TV and turning on the radio to hear anyone other than Tony K. Can't stand him, won't listen to him.

Tommy said...

Tomorrow night is going to be brutal... Aaron Rodgers' first start, a day after Favre's win... Kornheiser will be yapping for 3+ hours straight. If there's a close contest, he's going to talk over the play-by-play.