Tuesday, September 23, 2008

More of the Same...

Another terrible MNF broadcast where the sport takes a back seat to controversy and we are forced to listen to Tony say "If that were me I'd...." again and again. Like we give a crap what a non-athlete like Tony thinks or that a professional athlete like Brett Favre would be remotely thinking the same thing Kornheiser is. Give us a break.

Of course it is not just Tony that's the problem. I still hate how often we miss replays of important plays. If there is a false start I want to see it. If there is failed play in the end zone I want to see it. Heck, there was one play last night where they finally showed the replay and Jaws actually sounded surprised to see it.

Naturally, with the score lopsided in the second half, Tony started beaking off about the game being over. This, again, shocks me to no end. Does ESPN think it is alright for Tony to write off the game early in the third? Can anyone say "Goodbye viewers"? The Jets still made a game of it from that point when they scored - missed on the two pointer - and got possession of an onside kick. Tony needs to learn this is football he is watching and just about anything can happen and often does.

Lastly, am I the only one who thinks this crew is the least 'television friendly' looking group in all of sports? When the cameras go to the booth I feel like we've left the football world and are watching an episode of the "all new" Munsters. ESPN must know the difference between television and radio. Right?

Sigh..... Week 3 MNF = Fail

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