Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Game was Okay. Broadcast - Not so Much.

The Ravens/Steelers game was pretty good. Maybe it was more exciting for me because my fantasy football team fielded Suggs and my opponent had Polamalu in a close week. Irregardless of my motives for enjoying the game true football fans likely appreciated the good defensive struggle. There was hard hitting (running backs were falling like flies) and the game went to overtime.

But, not surprisingly, I cannot think of anything good to say about the broadcast. Tony was his usual annoying self. Making the stupidest, most pointess, comments and observations throughout. I used to keep track of these 'gems' but now I just go to Awful Announcing and shake my head at them there.

Again Tony wasn't the only problem. Replays were just as hard to come by as ever. For instance we didn't get a good replay of Mason's end-zone incompletion until a quarter later. At the time I questioned whether it looked like it could have been a touchdown but I guess the booth didn't think to question the call until Mason made a similar catch on the sidelines later in the game. And then there was Jaw's "going to the darkside" to breakdown defensive plays. When did that happen? ESPN may want Jaws to be the next Madden. I'd be happy if he just didn't suck.

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Tommy said...

"First there was SpyGate, now there's EyeGate."

A gem from Tony Kornheiser.