Monday, November 26, 2007

Sunday Night Football

I imagine a good number of NFL fans watched Sunday Night Football, this week, where the New England Patriots battled, and won, against a well coached Philadelphia Eagles team. It was a really enjoyable game to watch.

Did anyone else notice how well Madden and Michaels covered the game?
  • Every major play had one (or more) replay(s)
  • Almost no plays were talked over
  • The game was allowed to stand on it's own merit.
I never once had to say shut up to the announcers, which I do regularly during MNF. I didn't roll my eyes because an announcer (hint: Tony) made the game out to be the biggest thing in history since the birth of Christ. And I never felt uncomfortable because an announcer (hint: Tony) made everyone else in the booth feel awkward by having to respond to a stupid comment he'd made.

It's nice when the game gets to be just a game!