Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Joe Theismann has a point even if it sounds like sour grapes.

Just an update on some comments by ex-MNF commentator Joe Theismann about this year's broadcast. Joe is quoted as saying:

"Personally? No, I don't like [the new MNF]. And it has nothing to do with the fact that I'm not there. I watch football games to learn and watch football. I see Ron Jaworski trying to do football. I see Mike Tirico trying to get back to football.

I have no problem with Tony Kornheiser. He's just out of his element. He's a fish out of water. That environment, and that setup, is not conducive to watching football. And I look at it this way: ESPN, or Disney, paid 1.1 billion dollars annually to be able to broadcast football. And now you want an issue show. I think, to me, that's not the most sound business approach to take. I miss Monday Night Football."

Some of the articles, listed below, take shots at Joe for his comments but I think the truth is the truth no matter what the source. Why shouldn't Joe say he doesn't like MNF when it really does suck?

Awful Announcing

The Lefty Call



Pukismucas said...

Alright i'm going to be honest here. I didn't think Joe was that bad. Sure he was a total idiot and had some idiot things to say every game...ok i lied i don't think he was great but i do think he beats both Mike and Tony, not Jaws. Jaws is moderately entertaining and has fun just calling a game. Tony: Oh Tony.... First off he is just so far out of it that i wish someone would call him on it! He SUCKS! Not funny, and all he offers is....umm well i can't think of anything fills tha space between Jaws and Mike?
No offense to all you guys, but what is it with everyone being so in love with Tirico? He isn't that good. Anybody can give a play by play, and he always seems interested in what Tony is saying (Which is not interesting at all). Mike would get an F on many of his calls this year from me, Tony would get an N (yes an N, elementary school anyone?) it stands for needs improvement. And that is just what he needs! Personally i wish they were all fired (Joe's down 3 more to go) and replaced with some decent guys, say.....any 2 respectable looking gentlemen that know around 10% of the players in the league a little NFL history and can look at numbers and repeat them and do a simple play by play with a replay (YES A REPLAY) in between. No hard folks. And what is with having three people!? Why even replace Joe? ESPN is being retarded, i beg for Chris Berman's fastest three minutes just because he talks about football for a whole 3 minutes! Which by the way is longer than any up-to-date football talk the crew does.

Crazy Packers Fan said...

I think Tony Kornheiser is ruining Ron Jaworski. Jaws is a great analyst, and last year he did a great job in the Monday Night Football doubleheader in Week 1, when he was with Nessler and Vermeil. Now he's reduced to trying to argue with Kornheiser over stuff like whether Brady or Manning is better. Kornheiser was fine at PTI; that's where he should go back to stay.

Dogstar said...

Oh, I wouldn't say I'm in love with Mike... but you gotta give the guy kudos for being a play-caller who's forced to commentate 96% of a game while the QB commentator spends 96% of his 3% trying to draw out the 1% weak link. On top of that, Mike also isn't given a fair share of replays to take back mistakes.

ESPN's producing issues will never allow the current announcers to have a decent chemistry with each other. (Well, that and Kornwhiner needs to go.)

As for Joey T., the guy loves football, so I can't/won't blame or toss sour grapes at him for calling out a bad show. True, I thought he was a nimrod on MNF, but at least I didn't want to throw a brick at the TV every time I heard his voice. Who gives a crap if he's an ex-announcer... the current MNF show is what it is (junk), and he's entitled to his opinion. It's a shame the media spends so much time trying to drag people down.

howiem said...

At least Joe and Paul McGuire played pro football; Tony K. can't even grip a football with those little pussy hands of his.

Say what you want about Theismann; he is still not the worst color commentator in football broadcasting. That "honor" is still firmly in the grasp of Dan Dierdorf.

Anonymous said...

ESPN MUST dump Kornheiser! He is terrible and that PTI segment is like Wolverine dragging his talons on a chalk board.

Antof9 said...

The email I sent to ESPN (from their site) last week went something like, "You're EFFING ESPN for crying out loud! If you can't get good commentators, who can?!"

I just don't understand how in the world a SPORTS network can have the worst commentators on the entire spectrum of professional football games.

gak. And I have to watch the Broncos play (and sadly, probably get beaten) while being tortured by the MNF crew this week. Maybe I'll get food poisoning and my dog will die, too.

Anonymous said...

Unless my team is playing, I do not watch MNF anymore. It use to be a big night for football. As TO said Sunday night is the new Monday night.

Keena said...

Great work.