Monday, November 19, 2007

Week 10 Broncos\Titans Preview

So we have a bit of a slow game tonight on MNF. Denver has been underachieving all year and Tennessee has been winning some of the most boring games all year. (Boring for the rest of us not for Titan's fans) So how will the MNF crew make it an exciting broadcast? Check out this article posted today:

League looking into Packers 'bounty' offers

Be prepared for the game to be talked over in great detail as Tony and the boys discuss this very important issue that could very well put a asterisk beside all of Brett Favre's records. -- sarcasm off --

Edit: The game was a lot better than I previously though and would like to apologize for my oversight.


Anonymous said...

I found your site by Google, and I agree! minutes of the pre-game tonight with the Broncos, and I was sick of it! ESPN has ruined a good thing. Please return this to ABC.

Esse Quam Videri said...

I know... Tony will just not SHUT UP!!!!

howiem said...

Praise be that almighty device the mute button!
Finally a good matchup and the "BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH" from Tony and Michelle and Jaws man-crush on Vince Young really required a second mute button in case the first one failed. Somebody please give Mike Tirico a roll of duct tape to use on his booth mates.

Antof9 said...

It was a surprisingly good game, wasn't it? I was worried for a bit in the 3rd quarter that we were trying to give the game to the Titans, but someone must have decided that wasn't a good idea.

4 thoughts on the I-Hate-MNF phenomenon this week:
1. we had friends over, so although the volume was on on the broadcast, we didn't listen to it much. I highly recommend this method of coping
2. do you think they talked enough about the guy who was born and raised here in Denver and bought 56 tickets? Dear LORD, that was about 87 mentions too many
3. How come when the Broncos were playing well in the 1st and 2nd quarters, the idiots-I-mean-commentators couldn't say nice things about them, but when it looked like the game might be turning in the 3rd, they were slobbering all over the Titans?
4. The friend we had over hit the nail on the head: ESPN is a SPORTS REPORTING NETWORK. They should REPORT ON THE GAMES. They should not attempt to call the games. It's like when Mary Hart becomes "entertainment" news. She's not NEWS! She's the NEWS REPORTER. That might be a bad analogy, but I know what I mean, and I totally agree with my neighbor. ESPN: report the sports news. Any other network: air the sports.

'nuff said.