Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Make Your Voice Heard

Here at I Hate Monday Night Football we want to hear from people.

This means the 1 to 4 people each week who select Great! on the broadcast polls. You thought it was great? Let us know why. (cause honestly I have no idea how you think that!!)

For people that hate ESPN's Monday Night Football (about 70% of the people who poll) please take the time to vent. Trust me, you'll feel much better!


Football_Gurl said...

Oh gawd, its awful. I like watching games on tv because the commentators usually explain plays or calls that I may not understand or miss. Or they'll show replays of awesome plays or mistakes. I have had to MUTE the tv during MNF games this season because the commentators are so gawd-awful. It literally makes me mad every time they open their mouths. I try to concentrate on the game and tune out their meaningless chatter, but eventually their voices seep back in and ruin the game for me. I hope and pray that ESPN will do something to make it a better experience. I, like you, HAVE to watch it because one day a week of football is just not enough for me. I'm sure boycotting MNF is not going to work because die-hard football fans like us can't live without it. But I hope that your blog will somehow make ESPN wake up do something about their awful commentators.

Esse Quam Videri said...

See, even the ladies are sick of MNF.