Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Analysis of Week 12 Dolphins/Steelers' broadcast.

A few comments about the broadcast last night. It was terrible as usual, which is a shame (as usual), because the game was actually quite entertaining with a close game right to the end on the worst field ever. Did you see the punt that went plunk? That alone made the game a classic.

I do have to comment on one of the worst commentator comments ever. Made by none other that Tony Kornheiser. After asking Jaws how long it had been since a game had gone 0-0 Tony's reply went something like this:

"Twenty years since a game went 0-0 this long? This game feels like it's been 20 years."

ESPN.... does anybody in management actually listen to the broadcast? Can you not tell this guy is like a cancer? Tony might as well just come out and tell viewers to change the channel. Please... Please get rid of him!

I would also like to comment that Jaws has gotten really annoying as this season has progressed. I don't know if he is in a competition with Tony to see who can be the most entertaining (and by entertaining I mean abrasive) but he was acting like a class clown in the booth last night. Note to Jaws: Grow up and do your job. Go with the football knowledge thing because the "you being funny thing" is NOT WORKING!!!!!


Dogstar said...

Kornheiser had me irritated, about ten minutes into the game, when he kept babbling to Jaworski about the use of kitty litter to soak up puddles on the field. Kornheiser evidently thought that was really an amusing Jaworski analogy of whatever it is they actually use on the field. Of course Jaworski didn't say a single word in response, so it turned into this season's 3,107th awkward announcing moment.

As for the rest of the game, well... once again, I gave up before halftime. Michele and Tony trying to clear up our "misconceptions" about Ricky Williams pushed me over the edge. Thanks Michele/Tony! It's good to know that Ricky is just a contract-breaking pothead with a drug-induced anxiety disorder... instead of the contract-breaking pothead with a drug induced anxiety that may or may not be into dog fighting and/or performance enhancing drugs. Thanks for clearing that up for the .002% of the fan base that may have thought the latter.

Oh yeah, and by the way Tony... You Suck.

nbctjon said...

Tony reminds me of the guy that does the figure skating on the Olympics(Dick Button?). Maybe they are the same person????

nbctjon said...

I'm not saying he's gay or anything, but I think if Bart Starr asked for a hummer, Tony would oblige.

Angry_Asian said...

CBS, FOX, NBC and NFL network all use 2 guys in the booth. Why the hell does ESPN use 3? A couple yrs back was Theisman, now Korny-Heiser. I love MNF. It's just that these clowns are ruining it.
ESPN! Please use 2 guys like everybody else. And please hire someone with inteligence (football inteligence that is).

Anonymous said...

I just realised one key thing during that game... the Patriots record and Miami's record.

The last team to go undefeated? Miami... wouldnt it be fitting it Miami lost all their games the same year NE ties their record?

Anonymous said...

i watch mnf on mute