Monday, December 3, 2007

Week 12 Patriots\Ravens Preview

It should be a huge audience tonight for this game. No one wants to miss the game the Patriots lose. Just like no one want to miss a part of seeing them run the table. They are up against a team who has tasted greatness this decade, with a 2000 Superbowl, and rests is laurels on a strong defense quarterbacked by one of the strongest personalities to ever play the game in Ray Lewis. There should be enough football headlines to fill 60 minutes of football right?

I can't even imagine how bad this broadcast is going to be tonight!

For starters Jaws has gotten so annoying as this season has progressed. He reminds me of the character, played by Steve Martin, in Planes Trains and Automobiles when he freaks out on John Candy's character and pretends John is a pull doll. Pull - Blah.... Pull - Blah.... - Pull - Blah... I am not sure why this image came to my mind but it just seems to me that Jaws is like a high school nerd who has hit the big time but still can't shake his nerdiness.

And Tony.... don't even get me started on Tony. After a weekend of watching football and having the broadcasters actually treat the games as - GASP - football games I so dread having to hear the utter nonsense that pours nonstop out of Tony's mouth. I almost regret starting this blog because it means I have to pay attention to what those clowns are saying so I can bash them on Tuesday.

My only hope is that with the Pats playing some ESPN executive will actually decide to watch the broadcast and it will suddenly hit him "This Sucks!!" and he will actually do something about it.


Laura said...

For the love of God...I think Tony is Brady's secret lover. I was playing a drinking game; I drank every time he said it was a "tragic inevitability" that the Pats were going to win. Sheesh.

Thank God for your blog. It's the only thing that keeps me from playing the radio broadcast while my TV is muted...

Crazy Packers Fan said...

I was shocked that I didn't hate this broadcast. I didn't really listen until the fourth quarter, but when I did, I noticed that the announcers were shockingly not all out in favor of the Patriots, as I expected. It's plain and clear that ESPN (and some other media outlets, such as SI) is all-out cheering for the Patriots to win every game, so I was surprised that the announcers didn't become overly excited over the Pats' comeback. It seemed to be Tirico who carried this broadcast to being at least average, rather than terrible as usual.

Esse Quam Videri said...

I will comment on it more tomorrow but I didn't hate the broadcast tonight (at least in the second half) but it was such a good game that even the boys in the booth couldn't screw it up.

Rich said...

It's very simple peeps. Kornheiser is the MNF cancer. Turico and Jaws would do a great job without his irrelevant comments that continuously interrupt his broadcast partners. You can watch any football, baseball, etc. broadcast usually get a feel for the "theme" the broadcasters intend to harp on throughout the game. That's always going to happen. In the case of the Pats this bounces back from Pro-Pats-Undefeated themes to "Pro-Underdog-Break-The-Steak" themes.

Last week's Pats/Eagles game - the theme was all about the Eagles "finding the blueprint" to beat the Pats. That was the theme all night.

Last night it was all about "mediocre teams in history who ended undefeated team's winning streaks"

All of that is tolerable, but Kornheiser is just NOT. It's like having an annoying uncle in the room who is sports agnostic who just keeps flapping his gums with useless banter while everyone else is trying to watch the game.

Shut up Uncle Tony!

UCrawford said...

God, Kornheiser was insufferable last night. It's gotten to the point that even casual football fans in my office are going off about him and how he ruins games for them. The sad thing is that if you could just add a real analyst to that booth (Chris Collinsworth would be ideal, even though it probably couldn't happen) that's not a horrible team they have in place. Jaworski can be annoying at times but his analysis is usually solid and the dude does his homework...but then he gets sucked into the patter with Kornheiser and it goes to hell. Tirico's good (although not great) for play-by-play but Kornheiser's stupid digressions always seem to distract him and make him less effective.

The problem with the MNF booth is strictly Kornheiser, he drags that whole team down by himself...put Collinsworth or Madden in there and it's a very good broadcast team. Actually, with Collinsworth I think it would be a borderline brilliant team...he even made Bryant Gumbel sound good on the NFL Network during Cowboys-Packers.

Jay Rogers said...

Unless you are a Patriots fan, you have no idea how bad the TV commentators were. I do NOT need commentators to favor the Patriots, just getting to see them on national TV each week is enough for me. But to bring Shula in and goad him into talking about how much they all hoped the Pats would lose was in shamefully bad taste.

The last half of the game was one of the most annoying sports commentator moments of all time. Your comments about how bad the game might be due to the commentators didn't even scratch the surface.

It was perfectly put. And this was only a prediction of how bad it MIGHT be even before this awful train wreck happened. To compound the folly, lifelong devoted Patriots fans, such as me, had to listen to Don Shula, who just happened to be in Baltimore, chuckle, guffaw and squeal in delight with that gaggle of giggling little girls at the Patriots impending demise.

Not only did I have to listen to the blather of Tony and Jaws, but I had to listen to Shula say, "If they run the table, they ought to be given the credit." As if his opinion on whether the Patriots ought to "get the credit" for remaining undefeated means anything!

No, no bias here.

He's supposed to be a great mind, but they managed to get him to sound like a senile moron.

Anonymous said...

Will someone tell me why Emmitt, Steve Young, and Stuart Scott are there. They seem to not contribute anything and i generally like Scott bc he is a fellow Tar Heel

Anonymous said...

Thank god Monday Night games rarely matter.

Hearing about the Patriots and all their greatness all week every week is bad - but hearing these clowns with Shula literally cheering for the Ravens was unexpected and unwanted.

Even if the Patriots are the 'bad' guys, the only reason anyone was watching that game was because of them...

howiem said...

I'm sorry I'm writing this late but I wasn't in the office last week. Living in CT I had the opportunity to watch the NE/BALT game with a local radio broadcast as the audio. The announcers were Patriots homers but it still was better than having to listen to Kornheiser. I was tired so I actually recorded the second half and watched it Tuesday morning. That's the way to watch a game. Fast-forward through the stoppages and skip the commercials. I watched the entire half in about 35 minutes and that included replaying Gaffney's TD catch about 25 times (sorry, Pats haters, but it was a catch). I have to agree with you Esse and hope that the ESPN execs in Bristol did actually watch this game and got some insight into their pathetic product.