Monday, December 17, 2007

Analysis of week 14 Bears/Vikings' broadcast

I had a Christmas party to attend tonight so I didn't get to watch one minute of the game. If anyone wants to post an analysis of the broadcast you can drop me an email at

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howiem said...

Good game but as always a horrible broadcast.

Tony Komb-over-heiser must go. I would be willing to give Jaws a chance next season if ESPN switches to a two-person booth. He knows the game but he constantly has to compete with Tony and the volume level rises to the point of annoyance. Saturday's game on NFL Network had 3-man booth but at least they kept the discussion on the game that was being played.

I will inform you now that I will not watch a single minute of next Monday's game. Den/SD has no playoff implications other than SD's 3 or 4 seed so it is not worth the aggravation.

What a relief! No more MNF until September.