Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Analysis of week 13 Patriots/Ravens' broadcast

This was a hard broadcast for me to critique. I found myself too interested in the game to pay much attention to what was going on in the booth. I did notice the lack of replays though. I've never seen a broadcast more interested in showing players between plays as they run to and from the sidelines. Most other broadcasts I watch feel that's a good time to show replays. Go figure.

Tony's opening sequence was almost enough for me to hit mute though. Villain indeed. Even my 15 year old son mentioned he expected to see them don Bill Belichick in Darth Vader's suit. By the way, Tony mentioned every dynasty needed a villain. For the Ming Dynasty who was the villiain? And his comment that we can't hate Tom Brady because he's too cute? OMG!

The thing I hate most about Tony is the way he always talks for athletes and makes them have dreams and desires I am sure they DO NOT have. His spiel last night was how Boeller had re-signed for a one year contract with the Ravens and now he had a chance to do something great by beating the Pats. Something great? Winning a regular season football game does not make one great. Even if it is an undefeated team. In fact winning a Superbowl does not make you great. Since Tony took the time to look up the Ming Dynasty maybe he should have researched people who had done great things in their lives. People like Ghandi and Mother Theresa come to mind. Or course if a skinny balding man beat the Patriots that would be great so of course it would be great for another pro athlete who has always been a top athlete at every level he's played at.

Broadcast Highlight: Anyone notice that Brian Billick is actually Bill Belichick and that he has been a coach of the Patriots for the last 8 years? That was news to me.


KateDFW said...

I have left a few comments here before but I just love that someone else feels the same way about the most untalented team to ever call a game. You would think a sports network like ESPN could put together a great game but NO! I din't think I could like anyone less but then I watched the Cowboy-Packer Game that was on NFL Network. OMG, Bryant Gumbel is worse than Tony K! He called Tony Romo "Rick", misidentified their sponser (what a loser), said that Mike McCarthy loved having Marion Barber on his team and I could go on and on. Could you start a "I Hate NFL Network" blog too? I promise to be the 1st one to join!

Dogstar said...

I heard on the radio this morning that the Pats/Ravens game had the highest ratings ever for a cable station broadcast. Bad announcing or not, ESPN is still reeling people in. Yikes.

Esse Quam Videri said...

I bet you could have had trained monkeys running the broadcast (including commentating) and the Pats/Ravens would have still pulled down the same ratings.

Think people will care who is broadcasting the Pats/Steelers game this weekend (It's CBS BTW)? Nope, they will watch anyways.

So don't feel too proud there ESPN. Or you either Tony.

Dooog said...

What about Kornholer giving Shula a hand rifle evertime Baltimore did sometihng good