Friday, December 7, 2007

See How a Game Should Be Called!

A few weeks ago I commented on the Sunday Night Football game between the Patriots and the Eagles. I mentioned how it was nice to watch a game that was actually about the game!

Well, thank goodness, THE GAME of this weekend, the Patriots/Steelers, is a late game on CBS this Sunday and is being called by my personal favorite NFL broadcast team: Jim Nantz and Phil Simms. If you watch the game, and what football fan wouldn't, please take note how refreshing the broadcast will be. This is how football is supposed to be called.

You may have all heard that last week's Monday Night Game had the largest cable audience in history (see that article here) but it really saddens me that ESPN will claim this victory even though their broadcast sucks and trained monkeys could have run (and called) the broadcast and it still would have received the same ratings.

It wasn't you ESPN!!! It was the Patriots!!!!

And Tony.... oh Tony... It sure wasn't you even though every PTI you always say to your PTI co-host how we get to sit back and watch more of you.


(not on purpose anyway)

Anyways, enjoy the game!

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