Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Analysis of week 13 Falcons/Saints' broadcast

Ever heard the saying "ignorance is bliss"? Well, there are times I wish I had never started this site so I could just ignore the broadcast. Last night is a prime example of why I would want to hit the mute button like so many of you say you do.

For starters I knew Bush and Vick were going to get the royal treatment, last night, but I had no idea they would get THAT much coverage. Tell me, have you ever seen a player get more closeups on the sidelines in street clothes than Bush?

As always, for me, the broadcast's biggest shortcoming is their unwavering commitment to fill every possible second with inane chatter. Do we need to hear about Dunn meeting his mother's murder and the constraint he showed by not jumping over the table and attacking him? Do we need the story to run between play after play? Doesn't ESPN realize that with their new approach of not talking over plays they are making it worse by ignoring the plays as though they never happened?!

I have never seen a broadcast team more devoted to depressing the hell out of people! It makes me want to change the channel Elvis style. (bang!)

Terrible Quote of the Night

Jaws: "Location, location, location. I sound like a real estate agent don't I?"
Tony: "Actually, yes!"
Followed by Jaws and Tony's insufferable laughter - likely the only people in America laughing at their stupidity.

As the broadcast has progressed Jaws has become that distant relative or acquaintance we all have who tells terrible jokes and then follows it up with their own laughter (as though that makes what they said funny).

Shake Your Head Moment

He did it AGAIN! After another useless PTI Michael Wilbon, Tony's PTI partner, introduced the second half and Tony arrogantly replied "and more of me" for the second time in two weeks.

I have tried to keep my criticisms on this site pretty clean but if Tony says that one more time I just can't promise that will continue.


Dogstar said...

I've officially given up on MNF. I'm not watching another minute as long as Kornheiser the bald-headed babbling baboon is present. I didn't watch a single minute of the game last night, and truthfully I didn't even miss it.

So, I'll leave you all to your misery. Hopefully next year we won't have to deal with him or Jaworski.

(...and hopefully we won't get stuck with someone even worse)

howiem said...

I couldn't watch either. One team with a million-to-one shot at the playoffs against a franchise sinking like whale doo-doo in a game announced by idiots can't get this diehard football fan to tune in.