Monday, November 5, 2007

Colts/Pats Aftermath

I hope everyone was able to check out the game yesterday. It lived up to all the hype, yet at the same time we didn't need to be reminded, ever few seconds, about the hype by the broadcast team. The game was able to speak for itself! We saw replay after replay and great play breakdowns by Simms. I don't remember even once wishing Simms or Nantz would shut up like I do every 2 minutes with the MNF 3 stooges.

People say that ESPN's broadcast is the way it is to be entertaining but after a great broadcast like CBS' this weekend, for a huge game like the Colts and Pats, I hope people understand how a game is supposed to be called.

Here's an article about the broadcast:

CBS announcers let Patriots-Colts game speak for itself

It pretty much says what I say above but I am not a professional/syndicated writer and well.. Michael Hiestand is.


howiem said...

Tonight's game will be unwatchable. Kornheiser is such a Roethlisberger fan that his commentary will be the verbal equivalent of giving Big Ben a blow job on the Steelers logo at midfield.

Anonymous said...

Monday night football was my favorite thing of the week in the past. Now I watch it only because of the game. I hate the politics placed in it by ESPN. Please leave the politics out of football. And what the heck, NBC is doing the same thing last night with turning out the lights. PLEASE PEOPLE, are we turning into a socialist country already?? If you want and agree with all of these proposed government regulations PLEASE move to another country that already has them and is in misery. LET AMERICA REMAIN FREE. Thank you, and oh yeah, let football remain as it was, a non-political awesome sport.

Crazy Packers Fan said...

I agree, NBC stooped to ESPN-level by having that whole "Green" thing last night and turning off the lights. ESPN of course though is still the leader in unnecessary politics on sports programs, including having Barack Obama visit on Monday Night Football last year.

I'm not watching tonight's broadcast, but I overheard Kornheiser in the other room just for a few seconds, and that was enough to annoy me and get me to come here.