Monday, November 5, 2007

Week 9 Ravens vs. Steelers

We have the makings of a pretty good game tonight. After the game this weekend it will be hard to match in hype but we have some good story lines and two teams that have a legitimate shot at post season play.

On one side we have Pittsburgh. A team many people considered a giant killer leading up to week 7 (as in look out Patriots and Colts) but who took a deep dive in many people's power rankings, including my own, after loosing to Denver in Mile High. I personally think this was a case of the Black and Yellow being out coached more so than them being outplayed. As for their first year coach we know Mike Tomlin has it (The it from the Old Spice advertisement) but he is still a rookie coach and that means a wily old coach like Shanahan can still pull a fast one on him. Will we see that tonight?

On the other side of the field we have Baltimore, a divisional opponent in the suddenly competitive AFC North - courtesy of the surprising Browns. If Baltimore has any hopes of making it to the post season they need to make a statement tonight. The problem in Baltimore is that they are having problems scoring on offense. The defense is aging, yes, but the Ravens still hang their hat on their D. Ray Lewis is one of the most recognizable defensive players in the league and Brian Billick may be on the hot seat after years of offensive meritocracy under the offensive minded (and mouthed) coach.

How will the Monday Night Football crew screw it up? Tune in at 8:30 tonight to find out.

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