Monday, November 26, 2007

Week 12 Dolphins\Steelers Preview

This game has a 'car crash' quality to it in that we want to look away but we can't. It's not because someone is going to be bent in all the wrong directions but because the Phins are on route to a season of perfect imperfection. Something that has never been done before. The irony here is that they are the same team who has the league's only perfect season. Are we watching history unfold where both the perfect and imperfect season records could be set?

The Steelers are coming off a loss from last week in which their opponent, the Jets, already proved, the following Thursday, that they are not on an upswing after being swatted by the Cowboys. Does this become a statement game for the Steelers, who have the surprising Browns sniffing at the door?

We'll find out tonight.

Too bad Tony and the boys will wreck it for us.


craig said...

Fortunately (for me, at least), my cursing at the Steelers has drowned out Kornheiser, et al.

Anonymous said...

I CANNOT STAND JAWORSKI ANYMORE! His attempt to be cool with his stupid face and stupid glasses...he's so irritating! Then he attempt to be dramatic on everything! Anytime he opens his mouth he attempt to make it in a dramatic tone of voice! He must think we're stupid! What an idiot! They need someone in there who has played football within the last 50 years, anyone but that fat-ass Jaworski and bald idiot Kornheiser. Fuckers!

howiem said...

I won't be as vulgar as "Anonymous" above but I have to echo his sentiments. Up until now I have been neutral in my opinion of Jaws, but it seemed like he was extra loud last night. Ron, you don't need to yell at the audience; you should be yelling at Tony.
I could not watch the second half last night because after Miami brought in Ricky Williams I heard Kornheiser say he had a whole lot to say about Williams and his colorful past. Luckily for football fans when Williams left in the second quarter it muted some of the babble about him.
And who are the geniuses in Pittsburgh that scheduled fourteen football games on a natural grass field in one month's time? They should be ashamed of themselves for such stupidity.
One early thought on next Monday's game: I live in New England so I will have an excellent local radio broadcast of NE/Balt. to accompany the muted ESPN video feed. I won't have to listen to Kornheiser's man-crush on Tom Brady. Ahh, sweet relief. For one week anyway.

Antof9 said...

@howiem -- one warning -- I was told that our local radio broadcasts are about 5 seconds behind watch they air on tv (in Denver). Just beware you could feel slightly insane watching :) (not as insane as listening to these commentators, but ...)

Anyway, it sounds like I made a wise choice. Since I hate the MNF commentators so much and no teams I like were playing, and I figured it would be a bust with the way the Dolphins are playing this year, I opted to watch Marie Osmond make a fool of herself on Dancing with the Stars instead. Trust me, it was bad :)

Dogstar said...

Yep, last night was probably (all-around) the worst night of MNF this year. But, instead of pointlessly harping on it again...

I give to you my wishlist for the 2008/2009 season:

Barry Manilow replaces Hank Williams Jr. as the lead-in performer. How can you go wrong with 100 custom variations of Copa Cabana?
♫♪ "His name is Brett Favre, he does the cha-cha." ♫♪

Michele Tafoya loses her on-field job to Oprah Winfrey. (Michele has simply not delivered me the proper drama infused football that I desire.)

Suzy Kolber? Sorry, you lose out to Fabio. (Not really my wish... I'm just trying to please the ladies. I think.)

Tony Kornheiser quits before the end of this season, but not before he gets his ass kicked by a mob of (non-QB) players.
(Preferably by multiple tag-teams of 325+ lb. offensive linemen)

Jaws gets to stay, they bring back Theismann... and for the hell of it (just for kicks)... let's bring in Boomer. If you're going to do nothing but focus on QB's, you might as well use three wrongs to do it right.

Mike Ditka...intoxicated... permanent guest... enough said.

That is all.

howiem said...


Thanks, but I've got that covered. I just pause the video on my satellite DVR receiver until the radio delay synchs up. It's not an exact science but it gets pretty close. It works well because different radio broadcasts use different delays. Next Monday's game is actually being broadcast locally on an FM station that is crystal clear at my house, and they use about a 7 second delay on live programming. AM stations that broadcast the CBS Radio MNF use anywhere from 5 to 15 second delays.
My DVR can pause up to 2 hours. It's worth the $6/month upcharge.