Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Analysis of Week 8 Broncos/Packer's broadcast.

The Intro
Is it just me or did last night's broadcast have a very real "Oprah" feel to it. For a few minutes there I thought Brett had died or something and this was a tribute to him. I like Brett, as a player and as a person, and I think his wife is super but come on folks. When the broadcast team told me they had tears in their eyes and goosebumps watching Deanna's intro I almost threw up. Give me Special Agent Jamie Foxx any day. I mean I knew they were going to make a big deal about the apparent twilight of Favre's career but I had no idea they were going to make a tribute fitting a dead person.

Week 8 Grade: D

The Broadcast
This was a pretty good game and I have to admit I thought it was one of the better broadcasts of the year. Of course I was busy uploading pictures to Facebook and wasn't giving the game my full attention but I have to admit I didn't hate this broadcast. I thought that besides the time when Deanna was in the booth the game was getting covered pretty well. There were lots of replays (even some of penalties), good play break-down by Jaws and suitable excitement about the game from everyone in the booth - even Tony! The Deanna thing went on a little long but she was really nice so it wasn't that bad.

The funniest thing that happened during the broadcast was when Vince Vaughn visited the booth and asked the broadcast team if Jay Cutler was the QB who did all the bench presses during this last Combine. Never mind Jay is in his second year as a pro, and I don't hold anything against Vince because... well because he is not a professional sports broadcaster, but everyone's ignorance to the fact it was Brady Quinn that Vaughn was referring too was very funny. Any real NFL fan would have known that let alone *cough* pros like Mike, Ron and *cough* T.. *cough* To... *cough**cough**cough* Mike and Ron. (Deanna could have probably corrected Vince)

Week 8 Grade: D+

Tony Kornheiser

I can't say I thought Tony was any better tonight. He did talk about the game a bit more and, as I said earlier, he seemed generally excited about the game but his man crushes on any player on the field who is doing good is getting old real fast. Some of the comments this guy comes up with are so stupid and unfunny it keeps me in awe.

A few beauties from last night:
  • The Denver Barrel Man (who was supposed to retire 10 years ago) is the Brett Favre of barrel men. (I bet the Barrel Man, having heard this, is the happiest barrel man ever)
  • I'm developing a man crush on the guy. (Tony - you don't need to actually tell us this. Your attractions are very very obvious)
  • After a Denver player dropped a ball. Tony's remark: Obviously he was supposed to catch that ball. (Is there an antonym for receiver?)
  • Nobody throws to Champ Baily and when they do they don't beat him. Well Brett just beat him. Just so you know Tony although his name is Champ he is still human and can be beat.
I just can't understand why this guy person is in the booth.

Week 8 Grade: F


Crazy Packers Fan said...

The worst part was when the Broncos were inside the Packers' 5 late in the game, and right before a key play, Kornheiser goes off on some sob story about the Broncos and all they've gone through and the deaths of some players and blah, blah, blah. It was the worst possible time for a story like that, and yet Kornheiser managed to tell it right then. I don't know how ESPN kept him after last year's debacle... and he's not getting any better.

Esse Quam Videri said...

They keep him around because he is a favorite amongst the target audience. Football wives.

Anonymous said...

You forgot his question to Deanna when they were talking about Favre's game after his dad died. "What did you two do when you got home and it was just the two of you?"

Esse Quam Videri said...

Another 'Oprah' moment on MNF brought to you by Tony Kornheiser.

Antof9 said...

I'm sorry -- I'm a girl and I think he's an ass.

And the Favre Worship that night could not have been more confusing. I liked the Mrs. Favre stuff -- it was Breast Cancer Awareness Month, her book was just coming out -- all fine. No beefs from me on that front.

But the Brett montages?! WTF, MNF? Was he retiring? Dying? Getting into the Hall of Fame? What in the WORLD was going on that night?!

The best line of the night was when Tony said something about Mrs. Favre taking his job. You know what, dude? She could do it and do it better in a heartbeat! If you paid attention, SHE paid attention the entire time she was in the booth. To what? you ask? To the GAME! Unlike, Kornheiser, she actually watched the game while she was talking. She paused when she should, let the announcer announce, let us watch the play interrupted. She was a true football fan and I appreciated that about her.

Heck, let's see if MNF can hire her. If they're really trying to court the female vote, she's the first who'd get mine.