Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Final Straw

Before the Falcons-Giants game I imagine I was like a lot of MNF viewers. I watched because I love the NFL and was hoping the ESPN team would be an upgrade to 'attention to silly details' John Madden. Well, I can say now it isn't an upgrade and in fact is a huge downgrade.

I can honestly say I dislike the MNF broadcast and here is an article that explains the straw that broke the camel's back.

Kimmel's Remarks - Tony's Laughter

Take a read.


Anonymous said...

Mike Trico and Jaws are not to bad. I think Trico's play by play is decent and Jaworski just loves the game and does good analysis. Kornheiser has to go!!! He is not funny, does not understand the game, and annoys the hell out of me and everyone I know. That being said PTI is not to bad. Thanks for starting this blog, hopefully ESPN will get the message.

Pawtucket Pat said...

I think that MNF has hit rock bottom. My fear is that this trend towards filling every dead moment (pre-game, during the game, and post-game) with some trendy, edgey facet of popular culture will continue unabated.

Enough with the parade of "Stars" entering the booth and laying down some half-assed comedy routine or baloney about their love of the game etc. Enough with cynical/mean spirited yo-yos like Tony and Jimmy filling the airwaves with malarkey that has absolutely nothing to do with the game at hand.

What happened to succinct, flowing and well timed commentary about the game and the teams facing off against each other?

I would rather have Michaels and Madden call the game with little or no assistance from any 'studio' crew.