Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Enough is Enough

So I sat through another Monday Night Football. It wasn't a great game with the troubled Falcons hosting a suddenly good Giant's team. I hoped the Falcons would be better this year and that Joey Harrington would shine as all of Atlanta tried to put their troubles (Micheal Vick) behind them. It wasn't to be.

Boring game or no the issue here is this year's Monday Night Football crew. I have tried week after week, even with much better games, to ignore their antics in the booth but last night a chord within me was struck and now I need to release my anger and disappointment at ESPN and their terrible handling of MNF.

The straw that broke the camel's back, for me, was the shows special guest Jimmy Kimmel and his comments about last years analyst Joe Theisman. Not only were the things he said about Joe ignorant and hurtful but Tony's arrogant handling of these comments truly sickened me.

So today I started to search the web looking for other like minded people. I Googled "I Hate Monday Night Football" and could not find a site where I could vent my frustration. I did end up sending emails to ESPN and to Tony about my feelings but even having done that I thought I needed to take matters into my own hands. This Blog is the result.

Over the coming weeks I hope that as other people Google "I Hate Monday Night Football" they will be directed to this site and we can discuss the way we feel about the best night in sports and how ESPN is (mis)handling it.

If you are like minded please post and make your thoughts known. Even if you disagree with me I'd be happy to hear how on earth you could like MNF in it's present state.

Also feel free to click the links above and send your own emails to ESPN and to Tony.

In my email to Tony I mentioned I thought his ego was going to have a snowball effect before it got any smaller. I hope this Blog will have the same snowball effect in that we, true fans of football, can bring about change to a show that is not even touching it's potential and ESPN appears to have no interest in changing.


flgunner said...

I made the decision before half time (Falcons/Giants) on Oct 15, that unless one of my teams is playing on MNF, I will no longer waste my time watching it, and when I do, the TV will be on MUTE. The commentators (not announcers) are worthless. Seldom is their conversation about what is happening on the field.

I, too, emailed ESPN regarding the ineffective commentators and coverage.

Thanks for this blog. I look forward to Tuesdays to read about your analysis of the ESPN coverage. It would be great if ESPN took notice as to how many people really are disappointed with their MNF coverage.

Anonymous said...

I keep watching but also continue to be disappointed by the coverage on MNF. The talent is ON THE FIELD not anywhere alse. Theisman was on radio making the point that there is plenty of time during the week for finger pointing, rumormilling and opinion giving. Monday Night should be the highligt of the football weekend not a sorry footnote.

Anonymous said...

Jaworski and kornheiser have got to go

Anonymous said...

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