Monday, October 22, 2007

Colts/Jags - October 22 - 2007.

The game is over. 29-7 win for the Colts. Garrard went down early but I'm not sure he would have been the difference maker. Indianapolis looks for real and their D (a.k.a Bob Sanders) looks tough. I have November 4th. marked on my calendar.

As for the broadcast team... I would say they did about as good a job as they've done this year (meaning it was just OK) . I'll talk more about them tomorrow. But I really have to question what the heck Tony is doing in the booth. I had him down with one worthwhile comment the entire night.


Goddard said...

I have not watched the last two Monday night games (except for about 5 minutes of NYvATL). Last night I could not get a chance to watch it, but I can not stand Kornhole. The guy has to many opinions and he spreads them at the wrong times, I can deal with Tirico and Jaws, they might be corny but Tirico calls a good game, and Jaws has some insight. But Tony knows nothing! He talks about players lives away from the field, and refuses to give some credit for good plays. I don't care if you hate them, when they do something good, say that was a good play before you rip them for something else, or predict their coming doom. Kornheiser goes, I can watch with the volume up again, until then I miss my MNF.

esurkynp said...

Tony Kornheiser's voice irritates and annoys me. Not because of voice quality or inflection, but because he incessantly talks. STOP TALKING! Two guys in the booth are plenty. I don't want inane conversation, or silence-filling drivel. I want interesting facts about players or teams, and I want it done with class and style. TK has neither. And I also want PTI to die! It is annoying! If I want to hear people yelling at each other and trying to showcase their superior opinion, I'll tune to Jerry Springer! This morning, I told a coworker that I am going to try something different: Turn the volume down on the TV, and either tune in a radio broadcast of the game, or just play music. I will do this for the entire game, and decide whether to continue it afterward.

Esse Quam Videri said...

Peyton Manning also uses the mute approach to MNF.