Tuesday, October 16, 2007

How about a Replay?

Remember the excitement at the start of the regular season? Games counted. Teams game planned. It's what every NFL fan waits the long off-season for. The real deal.

After a plethora of games on Sunday in week one we were treated to not one but two Monday night games! I was so excited about the new season that I hardly cared if Oprah Winfrey * hosted the show. I was ready for some football.....

But as each week has gone by I have become more and more disillusioned about the excitement I usually reserved for the Monday night game. Monday night. The night of the big game were teams who had shown signs, or even flashes, of greatness the previous season squared off at center stage with prime time coverage.

What started this feeling of being let down? Well, to put it bluntly it was the lack of replays!!

I haven't been keeping track (yet) of the amount of plays that I thought deserved a second look (or more) on MNF and instead was treated to closeups of head coaches faces, players running to and from the huddle, or some random celebrity who happened to grace us with their presence at the game. I'm not going to mention anything (yet) about the running commentary during these intriguing looks into people not playing football! All I know is that we are not getting enough replays of plays. I am talking about amazing catches, grinding runs, one on one match ups, spectacular hits, and even penalties. (Was it really holding?) The list goes on and on.

The only time we get a good replay is if a coach thinks a play is worthy of review. When the red flag hits the turf we finally get to see the power of the MNF team. I am not sure what the number is but the MNF crew has more cameras filming then most Sunday games and when a challenge is made we get to see the play with startling detail from as many angles as a football fan could hope for. This is how good it could be on MNF. This makes what we are subjected to even worse.

* Check out the Oprah link. Yes they want her on MNF.

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