Monday, October 29, 2007

Week 8 - Packers/Broncos

Another Monday Night game is upon us. We have the surprising Green Bay Packers vs. the disappointing, but generally well coached, Denver Broncos. By my estimate the game isn't as exciting as last week's match up but the Packers are a good story this year and Farve is playing like a kid in the candy store again.

I have to wonder which issues Tony is going to hound (to death) tonight but if I had to guess I'd say we'll hear about Farve's incredible resurgence and how everyone thought Farve was going to be done after last season but has somehow put some gas in the tank and is playing exciting (and excited) football. We'll hear the question "Is Farve the greatest ever?" and Jaws will answer with another coin flip. We'll hear about how Denver, at 3-3, is not playing great football and has only won very close games and could easily be 2-4 or 1-5.

There is sure to be discussion about how GREAT New England is and how they are RUNNING UP the SCORES and that next week's meeting between the Patriots and Colts is going to be better than anything in history that has happened up to this point. (I hope I sensationalized this enough because I can assure you it will not hold a candle to what we will see tonight)

These are only my guesses and I am probably wrong as they are all football related and for all we know we will be bombarded with more non-football entertainment information than we care to see but will keep the target demographic (football wives) happy.


esurkynp said...

It is sad that my MNF fervor is even less than it was when Joe Theis...(mike cut off)

Crazy Packers Fan said...

The only reason I have the sound on is because the Packers are playing, and I notice that I probably get about as much information about the game as I would if the sound was off. Ron Jaworski needs to go back to pregame/postgame shows before his reputation is completely ruined. Tony Kornheiser is absolutely, completely terrible.

HowieM said...

I was so hoping that Kornheiser was really going to leave the booth and let Brett Favre's wife take his place permanently. She definitely knows more about football than him.

Antof9 said...

Just found your blog from a post on .... hmmm ... I think it was an ESPN site. Anyway, love it, and will now read it faithfully.

I have been hating on the MNF crew all season, and thought it might just be me. But you can see here when I commented (not for the first time, mind you) in the LiveJournal "FootballGirls" community, it's not just me and it's not just you. EVERYBODY hates them!

I put this link here because I posted it during the Broncos/Packers game.

Then I found another, more succinct mention of the Favre Worship during that game. See Mimi SmartyPants' blog here. Look at #2 under "things that irk".

Anyway, don't stop -- I love to have a place to hate on MNF, now that they have ruined it!